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Outstaffing is an excellent alternative to building an in-house team, beneficial to all participants in the process

Relieve yourself from the responsibility of finding a team. If you need a qualified specialist for a project or want to expand your team, our company can help you. We build teams for clients in the most relevant areas now: software development, creation of websites, applications, and games, as well as hiring employees for supporting processes. Setting up and supporting a development team for your business is our top priority.

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The most important part of our services is HIRING DEVS

With PiligrimIT, you will get remote employees for your company from Europe with relatively low rates, but at the same time with great English, rich experience, and unique knowledge in the field of development. Our best specialists will be selected taking into account your budget and skills. We close all risks, and you work with guys who are ready to deal with the project now, and not in six months.

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We provide consulting services

PiligrimIT helps companies and startups select employees who will be as efficient as possible for the task. We help close urgent deadlines, especially when there is no time for adaptation or staff training. Moreover, our consultations are free for you.

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Rapidly developing companies need experienced professionals who are involved in the work process and are interested in results

Our developers have a high level of English, have experience working with American and European companies, and at the same time, they have low rates. With our help, you can easily integrate an experienced remote development team into your internal engineering department. If you are trying to fill vacancies and get the missing techies into your team, you should trust PilgrimIT with the process of hiring employees.

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Most startups are inspired by an idea, but are often limited by budget and resources

We are well aware of that. So if you do not want to spend the extra money, we optimize the process so that you get the desired result in the shortest possible time. You will receive a completely remote team that will help you technically.

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The lowest rates, the highest quality – the best teams!

The lowest rates, the highest quality – the best teams!


Piligrim IT is a Ukrainian software development company that provides a quality product in a short time in the most popular areas:

  • Software development
  • Web development
  • Mobile App development
  • UI/UX Design
  • Remote Teams
  • Startups

Our Benefits

We save your time

Cost savings on recruitment, hiring, and onboarding processes. We are looking for, checking, and interviewing developers. You can significantly reduce the cost of outstaffing

Low rates

(especially when compared with outsourcing) and the ability to redirect resources to other important areas, since our developers are from Europe

Qualified team

We are looking for, checking, and interviewing developers. That is, you do not need in-house HR. You can significantly reduce the cost of outstaffing

We pay bonuses, not you

We make a development system and a further way to advance the career of our developers, so their eyes always burn

Quick market entry

Outstaffing is a great way to quickly become an active participant in the market since you will not need to be distracted by the search for qualified specialists. We take care of the entire search.

Long-term partnership

We conclude contracts for a long period, which eliminates the need to look for a new contractor each time

Work flow


Our clients say


“Pleasure to work with people who respect agreements and are responsible for quality”

Nikita, HR-company “ReKrut”

It is always a pleasure to work with people who respect agreements and are responsible for quality. This is just about PiligrimIT. We have been cooperating for several years and can always rely on the team when it is necessary to fill an urgent vacancy.

PiligrimIT has a highly qualified remote development team ready to get to work right away, without lengthy negotiations, discussions, and delays in response, as happens so often. It is also important to note that developers from the company have a very wide stack (we found both front-end and back-end and even DevOps, which are very few on the market now, especially at such a low rate)

“Highly qualified specialists. Enjoyable work process”

Sviatoslav, WebStackFlow IT-company

We have already trusted PiligrimIT several times with the hiring process and have been pleased with the specialists – a remote team – working on our projects.

We checked it from personal experience: developers have extensive experience in developing the best solutions for E-commerce / Healthcare and crypto, everyone has good English – we have not seen the level lower than Intermediate. Also, their approach to cross-platform development and adaptive design deserves special attention.

“It was great cooperation! Definitely recommend PiligrimIT for handling and helping with projects”

Olena, Kyiv Mobile-Studio

Due to the growing demand for the development of sites, platforms, and applications, we had a big challenge – there were literally not enough hands. Therefore, friends advised outstaff services at PiligrimIT.

In a very short time, we were helped to find the right developers with deep knowledge and experience with JavaScript, Dart, and Swift, and we also needed a little knowledge of TypeScript. As a result, the guys helped us close the urgent task, and we were able to present the finished project to the client. In general, we are sure that we will cooperate more than once!

“Everything was clear, the tasks were made on time. Do not regret reaching out to PiligrimIT”

NDA, start-up

A few years ago, we were looking for a professional team that would create a quality website for us. Therefore, we trusted PiligrimIT and did not fail. They know their stuff and stick to deadlines. It is also important to note that the team listened to our wishes and offered constructive ideas.

We were very pleased with the site and the MVP they created for us. After a few years, it is very nice to see how even more powerful the team has become. We wish for more satisfied customers and are confident in the future success of the company!

“PiligrimIT basically upgraded our business to a new higher level”

Victor, DobroShop, E-commerce

PiligrimIT was the first to support us when we moved from offline to online, where, of course, most of our clients are now. The developers have created a Magento platform for us to sell our products with the introduction of banking, maps (geolocation) and payments, and order tracking based on a separate delivery app on Flutter.

Now we have an excellent, smoothly running online store and many satisfied customers. We thank PiligrimIT for this!

“Ukrainian IT companies are proven to be one of the best ones out there. PiligrimIT is no exception”

Alex, DoIT Start-up, Silicon Valley

It’s no secret that Ukraine is one of the countries with the best outsourcing developers: they have a strong technical base, and a good general education, and the popularity of the IT sphere adds motivation and competitiveness. Having heard about this, we decided to collaborate with PiligrimIT for one of our projects.
As a result, they proved to be an adaptable team focused on results.



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