Outstaff website development

Outstaff website development


Time flies at a crazy speed, technologies are also rapidly developing. Now every company is simply obliged to have a high-quality, convenient, modern, and well-thought-out website in order to convey information to users, generate and serve customers. Not all website owners can create the right site on their own. In this case, website development outstaff comes to the rescue.

Finding an excellent developer is a challenging task and challenge, but this goal is achievable. In order to get the site of your dreams, you need to be very careful when choosing a developer: he must be trustworthy, and the site developed by him must function without failures and errors, as well as meet all the requirements of the customer.

How to hire a reliable outstaff developer? We share with you a proven strategy.

The main requirements for an outstaff developer:

  • know several programming languages;
  • be able to work with extensive databases;
  • know frameworks and pick the right one for the project;
  • understands several site management systems;
  • be good in technical English;
  • be proactive and ready to offer original solutions. The customer does not always know exactly what he wants. Therefore, the best specialists offer good ideas to achieve the ideal final result.
  • be responsible and meet deadlines. This is a very important moment because the speed and quality of the implementation of your online project depend on a responsible approach to work.
  • be flexible and adequately react to the fact that changes may appear in the technical task during the course of the case (including for a separate plan);
  • be communicative and, if necessary, be ready to communicate with the customer or PM concerning work issues;
  • be ready to learn: an enthusiastic web developer, open to new things, improving his skills. With such a specialist, you can really make your dream come true.
  • be motivated and positive – so all processes will work faster.

The mechanics of choosing the best outstaff developer that we follow for you:

  • Focus on the TOP specialists that the market or outstaffing agency offers you. For example, PiligrimIT very responsibly approaches the selection of developers for each individual project, taking into account the client’s wishes, and first the stack, achievements, experience, and involvement of the required developer.
  • Compare potential performers, looking at additional criteria. Be sure to study the performer’s portfolio, and be interested in reviews and ratings. A portfolio is the best way to show what a developer can do. Also, in reality, some developers often miss deadlines, take an advance payment and do not complete the work, and then stop contacting them, and ignore comments on improvements. To avoid this, carefully read the profile, reviews, and ratings of the chosen artist. Reviews of his work will help you get the right impression of the developer.
  • Conduct a market analysis on your own or trust the data of the outstaff company regarding the adequacy of the price for the services of the outstaff developer. And yes, you should not chase after a low price. As a rule, in most cases, you have to overpay for cheap sites or even do all the work again. Therefore, the process of selecting a developer outstaff is so time-consuming.
  • Make the final decision after completing the test task, which is paid separately.
  • Hire the best outstaff developer on your team!
  • Determine the developer’s standards for creating code: this way you can prevent the appearance of possible bugs and failures in the future.
  • Take your time! Allow enough time to carefully consider your choice. It’s worth it!

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