What CMS to choose for the website
When compiling requirements for a future website most customers pay attention to the popularity and low cost of CMS. Often the choice falls on systems that were advised by friends, but functionality, usability and ...
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Website Stages
Website development is a detailed work of qualified specialists at each stage of work at the project. From the creation of accurate, understandable and comprehensive documentation by managers to testing in a production ...
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What is the difference between a corporate website and a business card website?
It is worth distinguishing between the goals that pursue such web products. A business card website presents the activities of a company or entrepreneur. The main objective of such a solution is to inform visitors ...
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Why do you need a mobile application for business
Almost every modern person has at least one smartphone (sometimes 2-3 for different purposes), which is not inferior in functionality to a computer or laptop. The phone is always with you, being a source of information ...
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Who needs an online store and why?
Having your own website for any company is a necessary thing but what type of resource should you invest? This question arises for many people, because the costs, development time and functionality of business card websites, corporate portals and online stores ...
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Smart Home
Everything you need to know about Smart Home
The global trend of housing automation has finally reached Ukraine, and the number of people who are interested in the Smart Home system is growing every day. The main thing that stops potential buyers is ...
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Do I need a website in 2019?
In modern realities it is almost impossible to promote a business without presenting its services, products or brand on the Internet. However, there remain those who doubt the feasibility of investing in their own ...
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Which website is better to create for making money on the Internet?
The decision to invest in an online business is now being made by more and more people, but not everyone knows exactly what kind of resource is needed to earn money.
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Stages of site development: from idea to implementation
Website development, regardless of focus and scale, takes place in several stages, each of which is of great importance for the final result:
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Web design trends or how website design helps to sell
With the development of Internet technologies and the growth of competition in all areas of activity, the requirements of customers to websites creating are naturally increasing.
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Unique or template website, which is better for business and why?
You can promote your business on the Internet in various ways, in particular, you can order a template portal or choose an individual development.
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