Unique or template website, which is better for business and why?


You can promote your business on the Internet in various ways, in particular, you can order a template portal or choose an individual development. Both options have advantages that attract customers, and with a competent approach they help to promote a brand, product, service, company. What to give preference to is everyone’s business, but our experience shows that unique resources have an order of magnitude better chances to increase project attendance and profitability. A detailed analysis of the proposals will help to make the right decision.

Note that it is important for each client to initially determine:

  • specific goals of the project launch;
  • type of site (online store, business card, landing page, corporate resource, information portal);
  • the approximate amount that you are willing to spend - it is important to be prepared to increase costs as the additional options that you want to receive increase;
  • minimum necessary functionality;
  • target audience - both a template and an individual site can be created only after studying the needs of a specific group of users on which it will be oriented.

Key features of the site developed by the template

The resources created by the template are a popular solution for customers interested in starting the project as quickly as possible, as well as saving money. The modest cost is due to the lack of the need to pay the designer, because the finished layout is taken. You can download it for free or on specialized online platforms, after which it remains only to adjust the details: font size and type, color gamut, background image, etc. The last stage of “development” is the loading of graphic and textual information. It would seem that everything is fine - a little money has been spent, work is being done quickly, but there is a significant drawback: very limited marketing opportunities. Significant changes to the structure cannot be made, accordingly, users will immediately realize that it was created with the minor additions.

Creation of an individual website: huge opportunities for business development

An exclusive website is a project created for a specific customer. It takes into account the specifics of the activity, the needs of the target audience and the requirements of search engine filters by 100%, allowing you to fully reveal the potential of the business. Thanks to individual development, it is possible to stand out from competitors, achieve high conversion and stable output in the TOP of search engines, gain a reputation as a solid partner.

To meet the expectations of the customer, our specialists:

  • study the characteristics of the business, personal requirements of the client;
  • analyze market niche projects;
  • develop several draft layouts so that you can choose the best;
  • plan a development strategy;
  • think over functionality with a future perspective;
  • make adjustments according to the wishes of the customer;
  • engage in typesetting, programming, content filling, SEO audit, testing, project launch.

The main feature of the individual creation of the site is wide opportunities for transformation. You can easily display any changes in activity in the design and content of the resource, while remaining interesting to potential customers.


Depending on the goals, financial capabilities, you can order both a template and a unique website. The second option will cost more, but will allow you to achieve much better results in terms of advertising and increased profitability, of course, if you involve competent designers, programmers, copywriters, etc. in the development, Piligrim will become your reliable partner by creating a virtual representation that meets your requirements and the budget.

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