A unique or template website. Which one is better for your business and why?


In the market of web development there is no single, generally accepted model of performance - some companies confidently spend money on their websites, and others just create the model of the website based on the template in one day. Both, one and the other, may consider their choice to be correct. But an important criterion for us is the effectiveness of the website for business, the level of its attendance and position in Google search. To help you make a decision, compare the two proposals - a website made by template and a website with an individual design.

Template type of the website development
Website made by template is done using the finished structure and design. Popular platforms offer plenty of free and paid templates that greatly speed up and simplify website development. Obviously, the price of a template site in the end will be quite democratic, since it almost does not include the work of the designer. To publish such a website, you need to replace the color, font, download pictures and logo, and even slightly adjust the structure, fill the pages with content. But very often, brand promotion opportunities on the website called "template" are extremely limited!

Individual website development
We create the website for the needs of our customer: a unique design, a wide functional, and a marketing component are being developed. The designer offers several variants of style of pages, the structure is developed for the most complete fulfillment of the purpose, taking into account modern requirements and the opportunities of resource development in the future.

Definitely, a brand or a company will be better represented in the Internet in case the development of the website is based on the characteristics and needs of business development. Such web resources will really better help you and your business to achieve the goals.

Individual development of the website - this is an excellent opportunity to create the foundation for future revisions to expand the functionality. Also at the development stage there is SEO-audit of the website. This will allow for the highest possible search engine optimization in the future.

So, the template website is unlikely to turn into a grand project over time, since it is created for certain goals that can no longer be changed. This option is chosen by those companies with limited budget and time to develop their website.
And with an individual development everything is much more easier, because its extended structure can be laid even at an early stage. And in the future you will be able to develop the project in any direction. In addition, such developments have a significant advantage in search engine optimization.
Both developments can cope with business tasks. But the exclusive project allows you to increase the recognition of business through unique stylish design, serious functional, high level of usability. This option is suitable for those who are well studied and know their target audience and want to create a website exactly for their needs. For many companies a website tailored to individual TORs is the best investment in the long run.

Piligrim will always help you in developing a website for your business. We strive to increase your revenue, because your business website is a step towards the success.

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