Website development stages: from idea to implementation


Faced with the need to order the development of the website, which will require certain financial costs, it is logical that future owners want to know why they are paying money and why it takes time to complete the tasks. The learning of the main stages of work on the project will help to understand it.

How are websites created?

Website development, regardless of focus and scale, takes place in several stages, each of which is of great importance for the final result:

1. Formation of ideas and statement of tasks. A client addresses us with specific wishes and goals, for example, to attract users or promote a new product, service. Based on this, our employees analyze the potential customers, its needs and what competitors offer.

2. Study of the structure and writing of the project - aimed at a clear definition of what the future website will be (the number of sections, functionality, arrangement of blocks, etc.). Without a proper design it is impossible to create a website that will satisfy the client completely.

3. Creation, approval of design layouts with subsequent layout and Front-end programming. Using our modern programming languages ​​and special software, our designers develop several layouts from which the client will have to choose the best one. We make effort to achieve harmony of a spectacular visual image, usability and advanced technologies. As soon as the design concept is approved and necessary adjustments are made, our layout designers take up the work. Guided by the current technical requirements, they achieve the correct launch of the resource in all browsers and on any devices. On individual request, individual elements can be scripted. The frontend specialist has the mission to work out dynamic functionality using JavaScript - this is necessary for the correct displaying of the news feeds, online chats, etc.

4. Back-end development is an important technical stage on which the speed and uninterrupted operation of the portal depends. Advanced technologies and extensive experience allow us to successfully implement any customer requests in terms of code registration on the server.

5. Trial run - before the delivery of the project, we must make sure that the website is functioning correctly, all design elements are displayed correctly, etc. The test is performed by a professional tester according to a special technique, which makes it possible to identify problems for a quick fix.

6. Launching a resource - our company takes care of all the technical and organizational aspects associated with domain registration, hosting and server settings.

7. Website promotion on the web. Even a cool project will not be able to hold a leading position in popularity for a long time if you do not seriously deal with issues of SEO promotion. Our experts in Internet marketing will make sure that your website always gets into the TOP search results. We pay special attention to updating content and promotion on the social networks. An integrated approach will bring a steady flow of visitors.

Professional approach to the website development at every stage

Entrusting the creation of the website to the Piligrim web studio is a successful solution in every sense, because we guarantee a high-quality and personalized service. Now you know how work on projects is going on, so you can safely contact our specialists, being sure that your website will be made professionally and with taking into account the current trends.

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