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It is impossible to start and develop a business in any field in modern realities without your own portal, and you can order a business card website inexpensively from our studio to effectively present your company or establish feedback with the target audience. Having studied your wishes, we will develop and launch a project that users will certainly pay attention to and find all the information they are interested in.

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With a staff of talented and qualified web designers, copywriters, PPC experts, system administrators, programmers, etc., we are ready to fulfill any task. Turnkey business card website development would be a great option for:

  • Specialists in certain types of activities who need to inform potential customers about themselves, prices for services and benefits
  • Owners of small or medium-sized businesses interested in forming a permanent clientele and expansion
  • Owners and managers of holdings, corporations and concerns, for which it is important to keep the target audience and increase sales, despite the emergence of numerous competitors.

Reasons for the popularity of a business card website development service

It is not necessary to invest a lot of money in presenting a business on the Internet. You can verify this from experience by deciding to order a business card website in our proven web studio. Such a site is notable for its small scale and moderate technical complexity, therefore it is inexpensive. In addition, it is possible to launch the project as soon as possible, because the development takes an average of 5 to 20 business days. If you have a time pressure and / or a modest budget, creating a business card website is an ideal solution, especially since we guarantee original design, usability and thorough elaboration of the software part.

A business card site has other important advantages, for example, high page loading speed and adaptation to all kinds of gadgets (smartphones, tablets, etc.). The functionality of such a resource includes:

  • Communication of key information about the company - name, services and goods, address and phone numbers
  • Providing clients (current and future) a chance to ask a question and share their opinions
  • Announcement of various promotions and special offers
  • A call to perform a targeted action - dial a number, leave a request or subscribe to a newsletter
  • Study the needs of customers to improve performance and increase profitability
  • Publication of the latest news - in addition to events from the life of the company, you can post on new technologies in the chosen field of activity

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How much does it cost to order a business card website and what affects the price?

We can only say exactly what the cost will be, after a detailed discussion of your personal requirements. The price of creating a business card website depends on:

  • The duration of the hosting and domain name
  • The number of pages and sections
  • Content features (number and size of texts, graphic elements, animations)
  • Management difficulties
  • Integration of corporate mailbox options
  • Duration of technical support
  • The presence of additional elements in addition to the basic ones, for example, slide shows
  • Synchronization with the counter of visits.

We value your trust, therefore, we offer official cooperation under the agreement, which clearly defines the financial conditions.