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Promoting a brand, product or service requires advertising and informing potential customers on the Internet, and the portal will cope with this task the best. It is distinguished from corporate resources and landing pages by its maximum interactivity, that is, a large number of innovative services that allow users to evaluate and discuss your company or products. If you take a responsible approach to working on such a website then it will become a source of a constant influx of customers and a reliable assistant in creating a positive image.

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Web studio Piligrim offers the creation of a website portal, which will combine advanced technology, usability, functionality and multimedia diversity. We can implement projects with an unlimited amount of information, thought out internal navigation and high page loading speed. Guided by the needs of business, you can order the creation of an Internet portal with a forum, polls, comments, data marts and other tools for interacting with Central Asia.

Why do you need to create an Internet portal?

The idea of ​​launching such a project may arise at different stages of business development. At the initial stage, the creation of a web portal allows you to gain the interest of a wide range of users, promote the brand and create a positive image of the company. For already promoted companies and those experiencing a crisis, such a website is necessary to keep the clients, restore reputation, familiarize yourself with new areas, services and goods. Visiting your web portal people will be able to:

  • Learn the news from the life of the company
  • Learn about the key benefits and features of your company
  • Keep abreast of the latest promotions, sales and new products
  • Send emails with questions and suggestions
  • Leave comments and take part in surveys
  • Study the opinions of experts and other clients
  • Receive related useful information, such as weather forecasts

Development of Internet portals of any kind, subject and scale

As soon as the need to create a portal arose, feel free to contact our web design studio to get professional service at a reasonable cost. We undertake a variety of projects:

  • Public
  • Corporate
  • Vertical
  • Horizontal
  • International
  • Regional.

In the structure, a block with news, a description of the company, reviews, industry categories, information, an advertising part, a chat with advisory help and an e-mail subscription can be highlighted. Regardless of the number of sections, a set of interactive functions and design requirements, we guarantee that the cost of development of the portal will be moderate and the launch of the project timely.

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Creating a portal website taking into account all the nuances

Given the seriousness of the task, the development of the portal will take several months, during which our employees:

  • Analyze competitor resources
  • Prepare a clear action plan and agree on requirements
  • Make a prototype and make the necessary changes to it
  • Will be engaged in a clean design and adaptive layout
  • Take care of the software component and test the website for technical and other errors
  • Bring the project to the ideal and post it on the Internet.

In addition, our specialists are ready to take on support and SEO optimization, which will allow us to consistently display the web portal in the TOP search engine results.