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The basis of the corporate symbols is the logo. It may look completely different, but it always reflects the individuality of the company and makes its goods and services recognizable. On how unique and modern it is, the impression that the brand or products will produce on potential customers will depend.

Turning to our web studio, you can count on the fact that the creation of the logo will be professional, creative and quick, and the price of development affordable.

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In the future, you can use the identifier invented by our experts to label products, issue business cards and letterheads, advertising attributes and in the design of the site and web application. An expressive, understandable and recognizable sign will not allow the target audience to confuse you with other organizations, ensuring the growth of popularity and profit. The logo manufacturing price is determined depending on the number of proposed prototypes and the level of complexity of the task, but in any case your expenses will pay off - this confirms the experience of our customers, to whom our experts helped to achieve fame and commercial success.

A team consisting of a graphic designer, marketer and project manager is working on the development of the logo of the website, organization, trademark or product. We are ready to create an identifier for a text, graphic, or combined type, taking into account:

  • Customer requests
  • Features of the presented business
  • Symbols of competitors
  • Features of human visual perception of various iconic elements and fonts
  • The needs of the target audience
  • Flaws of the old logo, if we are working on updating the identity.

Development of a company logo taking into account a wide range of requirements

Only an experienced designer can understand how to implement disparate ideas and images in the client’s head. Our experience and creative approach allow us to boldly take on any project, offering to order the creation of a logo at competitive prices and with a guarantee of uniqueness of the finished product. No one will have the same symbolism as yours, and thanks to this, customers will be able to remember you and choose your website, services and products among many options.

What else apart from the original design and attractive value distinguishes our logos?

  • Ease of perception, in particular, no complex and incomprehensible elements.
  • Correct display in any size.
  • Display key company principles.
  • Relevance for a long time.
  • Good memorability.

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Phased logo design at Piligrim studio

The decision to order the development of a logo is unambiguously correct, because we not only take the first idea that we get from our heads, but we carry out systematic work to create a high-quality identifier:

  • In-depth analysis of the business and target customer groups
  • Development of symbols of the websites and products of competitors
  • Offering exclusive concepts and making changes
  • Elaboration of at least two logo options
  • The choice of the most successful design solutions
  • Printing and transfer of project materials in a digital format
  • Drawing up recommendations for further use for advertising purposes.