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Creating a resource on the Internet is a difficult process that our experienced and talented team can cope with. We have at our disposal web designers, editors, copywriters, front-end and back-end managers, programmers and other specialists who know the intricacies of the process and the current requirements of search engines.
Turnkey website development from Piligrim studio is your chance to express yourself in the virtual world, promote a new direction or product, attract a target audience and engage in e-commerce.

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Turnkey professional website development

We are focused on cooperation with various categories of customers, providing qualified service and consistent work on projects. Website development takes place in several stages:

  • Communication with the client to study the characteristics of the business and the goals of launching an Internet resource
  • Preparation of technical specifications with the specific requirements and an action plan, determining the cost of creating a website
  • Development of a draft version of the resource, correction and creation of a clean design
  • Layout and software support
  • Filling with information (graphics, texts)
  • Trial and final launch
  • Promotion of a resource on the Web.

Reasons to order a website development from our studio

  • An integrated approach - our employees initially develop a resource that will be of interest to users and search engines.
  • A deep understanding of the tasks - we come up with and implement exactly the concept that a specific customer needs for a particular business at the initial or other stage of its development.
  • No delay in terms - the project will be launched on time thanks to good time management.
  • Creative ideas and their competent implementation.
  • Extensive experience in creating websites of various kinds, from landing pages to online stores and corporate portals.
We are ready to start creating a website that meets all your needs, right now!

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An individual approach to the formation of the price of the site

The stumbling block for customers is often the price of website development, because there is a desire to get the highest quality service at the lowest cost. But you need to understand that the work of professionals and the use of advanced technologies cannot be cheap. On the other hand, by investing a certain amount in the creation of a website and its promotion, it is possible to ensure a significant increase in profits within a few months. By collaborating with our studio, you can be sure that the funds invested in the work of our specialists will pay off, and the business solutions that have been invented and implemented will make the business successful in the long run!

Each project has its own specifics in terms of functionality, design complexity, level of competition, type of goods and services and requirements on the part of the client, so the price of a website cannot be fixed. We offer individual pricing, and we discuss and prescribe all financial aspects (quantity, type of service, payment method) in the contract to guarantee that your custom website will be exactly the way you want, and the expenses will not go beyond the agreed scope. Piligrim Web studio will become your reliable partner in developing a website in Ukraine, allowing you to take your business to the next level and achieve an influx of customers!