PiligrimIT provides outstaffing and outsourcing services. You can use the services of our remote team or hire a separate developer with a special stack for your project. But very often companies, and especially startups, at the beginning of their journey do not know exactly who they need. Consultation from PiligrimIT helps to decide on this.


How does this usually work?

Our cooperation begins with the main thing: we must understand what kind of staff you need. To do this, we conduct a quick but constructive discovery call to form a request and start searching for the candidate you need or the whole remote team. Having determined the required stack and specialist’s level, we send you CVs, and motivation letters and then conduct a series of interviews with developers (you do not have to attend interviews – we can send you important clippings to make the first acquaintance with the candidate).


And then the ideal developer or a remote team is already working in your company, multiplying common achievements and achieving your goals. At the same time, you save time and money on finding the right specialist, doing only business processes.

There are several options for attracting specialists: in-house team, outstaffing, and outsourcing. Each has its pros and cons. To make it easier for you to decide on a strategy, we will tell you a little about each.

To make it easier for you to decide on a strategy, we will tell you a little about each.

In-house team

In-house specialists are people who work for the company. The advantages are fast communication within the team, a high degree of involvement in a common cause, and full control of all processes. The disadvantage is that you yourself form a team, are faced with all the ensuing difficulties, or spend additional funds on an HR specialist who will find people for you. You are fully responsible for the specialist you hired - from hiring to ensuring his comfortable work, including the cost of equipment, advanced training, and career growth. There is a big risk that an employee, on whom a huge amount of money and resources have already been spent, will soon leave the company and go to a new job.


In outsourcing, the agency can offer versatile expertise. And if we compare outsourcing specialists with an in-house team, outsourcing has a wider range, since the team has worked on different projects and, due to their specific work, has a richer experience. Of the benefits - a remote outsourced team - these are strictly selected specialists. Management costs are excluded, as the remote team is led by a specialist from our agency. The small minus - the work on unspecified processes is performed only after a preliminary agreement, while an in-house specialist can complete the task simply during the working day.

Outstaffing services

Outstaffing implies the withdrawal of employees from the staff of the company. It is especially relevant when the team is developing rapidly and there is a lack of personnel from a certain stack. And also, when there is an urgent task and there is no time to enter the labor market and search for the right specialist. The advantage of outstaffing is that you get for a contract not just a dev with untested knowledge, but a high-quality specialist with extensive experience in international projects, good English, and working full-time on your project. This is a highly motivated and involved employee, whose search you trust us to find. Of the pluses, it is important to note the saving of resources in search of a developer, it's content. You can also hire a person only for a specific task, and then suspend cooperation for a while without the bureaucratic red tape associated with dismissal. Of the minuses: unlike permanent team members, who can often count on loyalty from management, and receive bonuses and bonuses for meeting KPIs, an employee on an outstaff does not have such privileges, which may cause motivation to drop. But this is not our case: motivation, career advancement, and other things that support productivity are on our side.

Our process of hiring a dedicated development team is transparent


Our happy clients

You can strengthen your team with such specialists:

  • frontend (React, HTML, CSS, JavaScript),
  • backend (PHP, Java, Python, Node.js, .NET Core, C#, Symphony, Laravel) or full-stack.
  • Android (Java, C++, Kotlin) or iOS programmer (Swift), UI/UX designers (Figma, Adobe XD, Photoshop) who also make prototypes and MVPs.
  • Designers, content managers, marketers, SMM managers, system administrators, DevOps, and others.
  • Business analytics and data analysis BI, BA.
  • Blockchain developers (R, Rust, Solana, Go, Golang)
  • Game developers (Unity, Unreal Engine, C#)
  • 2D, 3D artists, and animators
  • Embedded developers (Java, C, Python)
  • Cross-platform developers (React Native, Flutter, Ionic)
  • Developers of desktop applications (JavaFX)
  • Database programmers (SQL, MongoDB, Firebase)
  • Platform developers (WordPress, OpenCart, Magento, Magento2, Magento3, Shopify, Tilda)
  • Testers (Manual QA, AQA)
  • Top management (Tech Lead, Team Lead), management (PM, Scrum-master, Product Owner, Sales, BDM, SDR, Delivery manager)
  • OS specialists (Linux, Windows, MacOS and others).

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