Hiring Devs

It’s no secret that now the labor market is experiencing a real shortage of qualified IT specialists.

But we know how to solve this problem. By hiring devs at PiligrimIT, you get a whole range of quality services, which we will discuss below.


One of the key areas in PiligrimIT’s work is hiring devs. Due to the fact that building an IT department from scratch, scaling it, or strengthening a team for a specific task is an expensive and time-consuming business, we offer the services of employing programmers.

So you will get motivated and committed developers with a solid technical base, a high level of English (all of them have experience working on international projects), and, at the same time, low hourly rates.

Why hiring programmers from PiligrimIT is beneficial for you?

You get the best developers with a low rate,

but exclusive knowledge in your stack and beyond, as well as extensive experience in international global projects.

You do not waste time on hiring an employee, especially during the start of a new project.

We will offer you a developer for the necessary tasks with certain competencies in order to quickly and efficiently achieve the set KPIs.

You save the budget for recruitment, onboarding, and HR processes

We are responsible for the selection, training, and motivation of staff, as well as for creating the conditions in which the employee will grow and develop. You get a qualified employee who will definitely strengthen your team.

You are engaged in creativity and business processes, delegating the process of hiring a developer to us.

The whole routine is on us.

Want maximum developer engagement?

Developers from PiligrimIT are precisely like that. Our guys are very organized and flexible in accepting new work methods and corporate culture.

You will upgrade your in-house team and be able to adopt cool technologies and processes

Our specialists work in foreign companies of any level and have gained invaluable experience.

Working on a project with our developers will be productive and successful, as our guys are focused on results and long-term mutually beneficial relationships with the client.

And you will not have to look for new remote employees in the near future.

Our process of hiring a dedicated development team is transparent


Our happy clients

You can strengthen your team with such specialists:

  • frontend (React, HTML, CSS, JavaScript),
  • backend (PHP, Java, Python, Node.js, .NET Core, C#, Symphony, Laravel) or full-stack.
  • Android (Java, C++, Kotlin) or iOS programmer (Swift), UI/UX designers (Figma, Adobe XD, Photoshop) who also make prototypes and MVPs.
  • Designers, content managers, marketers, SMM managers, system administrators, DevOps, and others.
  • Business analytics and data analysis BI, BA.
  • Blockchain developers (R, Rust, Solana, Go, Golang)
  • Game developers (Unity, Unreal Engine, C#)
  • 2D, 3D artists, and animators
  • Embedded developers (Java, C, Python)
  • Cross-platform developers (React Native, Flutter, Ionic)
  • Developers of desktop applications (JavaFX)
  • Database programmers (SQL, MongoDB, Firebase)
  • Platform developers (WordPress, OpenCart, Magento, Magento2, Magento3, Shopify, Tilda)
  • Testers (Manual QA, AQA)
  • Top management (Tech Lead, Team Lead), management (PM, Scrum-master, Product Owner, Sales, BDM, SDR, Delivery manager)
  • OS specialists (Linux, Windows, MacOS and others).

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